Calbiga Samar’s Gem: Lulugayan Falls

The Philippines will never ran out of waterfalls. One might be famous today then new one will going to be discovered tomorrow. When I visited Lulugayan falls, I really don’t have any idea how it looks like because of 2 reasons. First, it wasn’t part of my prospects when I visited Samar and second, I … More Calbiga Samar’s Gem: Lulugayan Falls

Solo Traveler’s Guide to Tinipak River

Dramatic marble rock formations, an in-cave natural swimming pool and its proximity to Metro Manila, make this gem a perfect getaway for the weekend. Tinipak is located in between boundaries of Barangay Daraitan in Rizal and General Nakar in Quezon Province. The river is popular to mountaineers since this is the main attraction after summiting … More Solo Traveler’s Guide to Tinipak River