Calbiga Samar’s Gem: Lulugayan Falls

The Philippines will never ran out of waterfalls. One might be famous today then new one will going to be discovered tomorrow. When I visited Lulugayan falls, I really don’t have any idea how it looks like because of 2 reasons. First, it wasn’t part of my prospects when I visited Samar and second, I just don’t know that it exists.

Lulugayan falls is located in the town of Calbiga Samar, it’s the same town where the biggest cave in the Philippines is. When I visited Calbiga, my one and only mission is to visit the cave. I knew that Samar have a lot of amazing waterfalls, I just didn’t know or I maybe not paying attention that there is one in Calbiga.

When I finally settled a homestay, my host was very nice to recommend the places that I need to check out in Calbiga. But because again I wasn’t paying attention since my target is really the cave, I am a little hesitant if I wanted to pay the falls a visit. I can’t believe I am willing to trade that moment into a good sleep because I wasn’t able to hit the sack the day before.

View from the top.

Aside from recommendations, my host seems to have a lot of connections as well. She offered that she can get me a guide and even made sure I’ll get it on a cheaper price and even negotiated with the Municipal Hall people to exempt me for paying the 500 peso permit since I am travelling solo. With that kind of offer, I gave it a go.

My journey to Lulugayan started by riding a habal-habal which the driver is also my guide. The ride is a little challenging since it’s been raining intermittently that day. Most of the road are still not paved completely. After a little more than an hour, we reached a small community where my guide parked his motorcycle. From there we walked along the riverside for another 15 minutes until we reached the falls.

It was all mighty! I was in awe when I saw it right in front if my eyes. Sometimes it’s a good thing not to know how something looks like so you won’t expect much. And that’s what happened to me. I did not expect anything and because of that, my admiration was overflowing. It looked like a smaller version of Niagara Falls. We all know that Tinuy-an falls in Mindanao already earned the nickname as little Niagara Falls of the Philippines but I would say, this is the Visayas answer to Tinuy-an falls.

Beautiful river on top. Yes that’s me swimming over there.

I remember all the praises I said to my guide on how beautiful Lulugayan falls is. I realized how I might regret if I ever decided not to go and just went to sleep. Aside from that, what made my visit really special is that, I had the place all to myself. Although there are already signs of development, (open cottages, shower room and a resort/hotel) I’m very lucky that there are no other visitors that day.

To visit Lulugayan Falls, follow my DIY guide to Langun-Gobingob caves.



8 thoughts on “Calbiga Samar’s Gem: Lulugayan Falls

  1. Hi! Would you mind sharing your homestay in Calbiga? I’m finding a hard time looking for one. May be you can help. I would appreciate it. Thanks!


    1. Hi Mary, unfortunately I already forgot the name of the homestay. You may try to contact my guide and he’ll probably be able to help. His phone number is on my Langun-Gobingob cave blog post. 🙂


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